Spiritual Care Department

Through the Spiritual Care Department, staff chaplains and
volunteers from a variety of faith traditions are available to
offer spiritual and emotional support to patients and families
24/7. Or if you prefer, we will assist you
in contacting representatives of your own faith community.

We can be reached by calling our office at 402.552.3219 or
through the hospital operator. During other times, call the same number and press zero for the operator.

A chaplain is always available. Any of the hospital staff can
also help you contact us.

Please feel free to call anytime. 

The Spiritual Care office is located on the first floor of
Clarkson Tower, room 1874.

St. Luke’s Chapel is located on the first floor of Clarkson Tower near the main entrance
and is open 24 hours a day for prayer and contemplation.

A variety of worship services are offered in St. Luke’s Chapel. Please call our office for
a current schedule of services.

We offer Support When...

  • you need spiritual support or prayer
  • you or a family member would like to participate in a sacrament or ritual
  • you need support as you face difficult decisions
  • you are struggling with spiritual or religious concerns
  • you would like assistance in contacting communities, congregations or faith groups
  • you are not sure what you need and just want to talk to someone who cares and will listen