Intestinal Rehabilitation

Have you or your child been diagnosed with intestinal failure?

Are you worried that you or your child might never enjoy a normal life?

Do you long to experience life without a feeding tube?

For patients who are suffering from the complications of intestinal failure and are reliant on a feeding tube, our intestinal transplant team is here to help.

You don’t have to live in isolation. You can live your life… and that’s why we’re here.

The goal of Intestinal Rehabilitation is to get you to the point where you can manage eating and drinking on your own and no longer have to rely on intravenous feeding and.

Whatever route your treatment takes, we are on this journey with you to help you live the best life possible.


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Our Intestinal Rehabilitation Team Can Help If You

  • Struggle to maintain weight, hydration or nutritional status without relying on intravenous support
  • Have short-bowl syndrome or intestinal disease, such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic malabsorption states or radiation enteritis
  • Had multiple infections associate with vascular access and TPN
  • Complex surgical problems (Ex: fistulae, strictures, dilated bowel)
  • Functional intestinal disorders (Ex: Pseudo-obstruction)
  • Require specialized tube feedings for fluid or nutrients to support nutrition
  • Need to reduce diarrhea and control volume of stool output
  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Extreme short bowel syndrome
  • Abdominal wounds with fluid loss, abdominal wall loss resulting in need for wound care therapy and TPN

We're a World Leader in Intestinal Rehabilitation

The Intestinal Rehabilitation Program at Nebraska Medicine has been treating patients for more than 16 years by providing a successful alternative to transplant for selected patients suffering from intestinal failure.

Today, Nebraska Medicine is one of a few facilities with expertise in intestinal failure—and one of the busiest programs in the United States. Innovation, solid outcomes and high patient survival rates have distinguished our center as a leader in intestinal failure.

Nebraska Medicine is also one of the original Medicare-designated centers to perform multi-visceral (transplanting multiple organs of the digestive system) and intestinal transplants for pediatric and adult patients in the nation.

Dedicated Care Team

The Intestinal Rehabilitation team will continue to work with you, your family and your local doctors well after you leave Omaha. Our team will always be available for questions or consultations around the clock. We ask our patients to stay in contact with our nurse coordinators and dietitians frequently, in order to make sure we're providing you with the best care possible. Our patients routinely come back for checkups a couple times a year when possible to ensure the best outcome.