We treat even the rarest cases of intestinal failure

When the small bowel fails to ingest, digest, or absorb nutrients, water and electrolytes, you may suffer from a condition called intestinal failure. We specialize in helping you or your child rehabilitate from this ailment.

Our team has experience with many of the rarest cases and intestinal failure conditions from around the world. We're pleased to say we have been able to help hundreds of children and adults go on to live normal lives. Our expertise has helped many patients avoid intestinal transplant surgery.

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What to expect

Many patients and their families arrive at our hospital prepared for the worst. They often come from places where their doctors have never seen another patient with a condition like theirs. We offer hope because helping patients with intestinal failure is what we do. When you arrive at Nebraska Medicine, our team will do the necessary testing, explore available treatment options, and move forward. We encourage our patients to expect the best. We provide the best care possible and will work to get them home and living life again.

Why choose Nebraska Medicine

Intestinal failure is a chronic life-long condition which requires ongoing management by a specialized team. Our program is one of only a few programs in the world which offers medical and surgical management of this condition throughout the lifetime of a patient. We manage both pediatric and adult patients with a transitional program for our adolescent population. 

Specialists on our team have expertise in hepatology, gastroenterology, psychology, child life and surgery. Our doctors are not afraid to get down on the floor and play with their pediatric patients, treating them like the children they are.

Everyone on our team is working towards the same outcome. We provide the most comprehensive outpatient and follow-up care in the country, helping our outcomes and survival rates exceed national averages. Our team provides extensive support and education throughout the journey, and even after you return home.

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  • Conditions we treat

    Learn more about the conditions we treat through Intestinal Rehabilitation.

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  • Intestinal treatment options

    At Nebraska Medicine, we offer a comprehensive Intestinal Failure program with medical and surgical treatment options.

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  • Comprehensive medical and nutritional assessment

    Learn what testing will be included in your evaluation.

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  • Meet our liver and intestine team

    See a list of the staff who work on the Intestinal Failure team.

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  • Letter of Medical Necessity template downloads

    You will need a Letter of Medical Necessity to enter our program. Please download the appropriate form below, and ask your doctor to fill it out.

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  • The Ronald McDonald House

    You may be eligible to stay at Omaha’s Ronald McDonald House throughout your child’s transplant journey.

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