Pharmacy Services for Transplant Patients

Transplant Pharmacy Services

Nebraska Medicine offers unique pharmacy services, specifically for our transplant patients. The medications involved with transplantation are very important, yet can be intimidating and confusing. That is why we have services and team members to help you and your family prepare, understand and feel comfortable with the medications associate with your transplant.

Pharmacy Financial Counselors

Transplant pharmacy financial counselors are specialize personnel, knowledgeable of pharmacy and pharmacy benefits processes. Out pharmacy counselors will meet with you during your transplant evaluation to discuss insurance coverage and benefits, inform you of the potential medications and their costs, and answer questions or concerns you and your family may have. They will remain a resource for you during the transplant journey and after transplantation. Their expertise provides a unique, individualized services that cannot be duplicated by any other facility.

Transplant pharmacy financial counselors can provide you:

  • Verification of known insurance coverage
  • Communication regarding available pharmacy benefits
  • Knowledge of the many aspects of Medicare
  • Access to patient assistance fund for medication to those who qualify
  • Collaborative effort and direct contact with our pharmacy
  • Availability to help with questions and concerns from the time of your evaluation to long after you return home

Please bring a copy of your medication list, insurance cards and financial documentation to your transplant evaluation and meeting with your pharmacy financial counselor.

Liver & Intestine

Caitlin Widman
Megan McCartan - Pediatric
Molly Thompson – Adult

Kidney & Pancreas

J. Scott McMullen
Maria Kellison

Heart, Blood & Marrow

Karen Bohenkamp

The Nebraska Medicine Clinic Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is conveniently located on the second floor of the Durham Outpatient Center. As a renowned transplant center, the pharmacy routinely has transplant-specific medication available and our pharmacists can help answer any questions regarding your transplant medications.

Why Use the The Nebraska Medicine Clinic Pharmacy?

  • Work with over 300 different insurance plans
  • Work in close collaboration with the pharmacy financial counselors
  • Fast and polite service
  • Pharmacists are available to answer questions about your prescribed medications
  • Carry transplant-specific medications
  • Medicare B certified for billing of immunosuppressants

Did You Know?

We can mail your medication. If you do not live near our pharmacy, you can request to have your transplant medications mailed to your home. Contact us to see if you are eligible and for more information on this service.


Monday through Friday
7:00am to 9:00pm

Saturday, Sundays & Holidays
8:30am to 4:30pm

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