Transplant Patient Disaster Information

Disaster Information

In the event of a disaster, Nebraska Medicine will utilize various methods to communicate information that you may need to know.

To find information about Nebraska Medicine Transplant Center, refer to the following sites:

Call 1-800-401-4444 or 402-559-5000 for recorded information

In case of medical emergency, please call 911. In the event you are unable to reach the Transplant Center, please contact your local physician, hospital or medical office.

To Help You Prepare for a Potential Disaster, see the attachments and websites below:


Disaster Websites

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website: General information on making an emergency plan, an emergency kit and for disaster specific information. Examples include: Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information to Get Ready (English & Spanish)

  • Building and maintaining an emergency kit - recommended supplies list
  • Family emergency plans
  • Information for seniors (English & Spanish)
  • Information for pet owners (English & Spanish)
  • Information for people with disabilities (English & Spanish)


OPTN/UNOS Patient Services 1-888-894-6361

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