Cancer Imaging

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PET/CT and MRI provide our physicians with technically advanced images to catch cancer as early as possible. Accurate diagnosis gives you and your patient the best chance to eliminate cancer in its early stages.

The detection, diagnosis and monitoring of cancer present special challenges. Early detection and accurate staging of cancer require skilled, experienced interpretation of radiologic studies. Repeated radiologic studies may also be required to accurately determine the effectiveness of treatment or to identify early recurrence.

Board-certified oncologic subspecialists at Nebraska Medicine - Radiology are uniquely qualified to provide oncologic imaging services and accurately detect cancer in the earliest stages. Our extensive experience with a wide variety of cancers and our state-of-the-art equipment enable us to interpret studies accurately and confidently. Accurate, timely interpretation potentially enables early, more effective cancer treatment.

Compassionate Care

Patients with cancer—and those who suspect they may have cancer—are emotionally vulnerable and deserve especially compassionate care. We provide that care, with an emphasis on respect and recognition of the struggles our patients may be experiencing.

Highly Effective Use of Advanced Technology

PET/CT and MRI are critical tools used in the early identification of cancer. These provide detailed images that allow us to detect cancer in the earliest stage of disease.

  • MRI

    MRI has long been an effective tool for examining soft tissues, organs and other structures. It detects tumors and helps diagnose many forms of cancer without exposing the patient to radioactivity.
  • PET/CT

    In a PET/CT scan, a small amount of radioactive substance is injected into the body. This substance is attracted to cells that are using a lot of energy. The PET scan records the locations of these areas of rapid metabolization. The CT scan simultaneously provides a detailed anatomic image of structures in the area being studied. By combining these images, we precisely identify the location of cancer within the body.

Collaborative Care

Nebraska Medicine - Radiology subspecialists work closely with oncologists to determine the most effective radiologic study to perform for individual patients. Oncologists throughout the region rely on our multidisciplinary approach to guide successful treatment of their patients.