Physician Outreach

Physician Outreach Liaisons

Our team is committed to building relationships with providers to facilitate a shared care experience.

Physician Outreach Liaisons at Nebraska Medicine are committed to partnering with you to support your needs as a referring provider. Our primary focus is to assist you in connecting with the right physician for a consultation or possible referral of your patient to our health care system.

We are here to help facilitate communication between you and our internal providers, answer questions and resolve concerns, and assist in building and maintaining long-term relationships with Nebraska Medicine physicians.

We respect the relationships you have with your patients and community. Our physicians are committed to working together to create a comprehensive care plan for your patient and strive to establish an open line of communication with you regarding your patient's care. After the completion of your patient's care at Nebraska Medicine, our goal is to consult with you, the referring provider, regarding follow-up care and ensure a smooth transition of care from Nebraska Medicine back into your care.

Our Services

We can assist with the following:

  • Facilitate a meeting with our providers or schedule a visit to your office
  • Answer questions about our medical and surgical departments and assist in directing your patient referral to the appropriate clinical service line and specialist
  • Provide information regarding continuing medical education opportunities and clinical trials
  • Establish online access to your patient's information via our referring provider portal One Chart | LINK
  • Resolution of concerns or issues

Contact our outreach team:

To reach all liaisons:

Cancer, Dermatology, Aesthetics & Reconstruction and Endocrine:

Michelle Grady | 402.552.2414 or

Radiology and Urology (Men's Health):

Susan Teshack | 402.559.6798 or 

Heart & Vascular:

Scott Muldoon | 402.552.6122 or

Director, Business Development & Outreach

Amanda Stocks |  402.559.3942 or