Diabetes is a disease that keeps the body from producing the right amount of insulin, and it can be difficult to manage. Additionally, hormone dysfunction can be caused by many different factors within the endocrine system.

The team at the Diabetes and Endocrinology Center combines clinical care, counseling, education and research to find better ways to prevent and treat diabetes and endocrine disorders. Much of our program focuses on education and self-management of the disease so you have the skills to successfully manage it.

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We provide a full spectrum of care, including:

Diabetes services:

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People who have been diagnosed with diabetes are at risk for a variety of serious health complications that require specialty care. Our center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Communication and collaboration between specialists is critical to prevent complications related to the disease. Our goal is to create a personalized treatment plan for you using a patient-centered approach.

We offer treatments for pituitary disease, bone health and osteoporosis, pancreas-related issues, women's health concerns, female and male hypogonadism and many other endocrine-related ailments. We even have a team that focuses on issues related to thyroid nodules and cancer. We conduct clinical and basic research programs at UNMC and the VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System.

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