We are very proud of our virtual options, which allow patients to see one of our board-certified dermatologists from the comfort of their own home.

Our virtual options include:

Video Visits (for patients)

Video visits allow for a real-time video conversation between you and your dermatologist from the comfort of your home. Give us a call at 800.922.0000 and we'll get you set up. Follow these video visit instructions when your appointment is about to begin. 

E-Visits (for patients)

E-Visits are an easy way to get in touch with a health care provider when you don’t have time to make an actual appointment. 

An E-Visit is an online series of questions. The questions and your answers will be sent to a doctor for review. You will receive a response within three business days.

  • Log in to the One Chart | Patient Portal or the Nebraska Medicine app
  • Select E-Visit from "Your Menu"
  • Select "Skin Concerns"
  • Complete the series of questions to help the dermatologist evaluate your concern
  • Take pictures of your skin concern in a well-lit area
  • Attach the pictures and submit the E-Visit

Telephone Visits (for patients)

We allow for phone-based evaluation and management services for established patients.

E-Consults (for providers)

These are interprofessional (Health care provider to dermatologist) electronic health record remote evaluations of a patient locally, providing access to specialized care. Through E-Consults, the need for long travel is eliminated by virtually connecting primary care physicians and other providers with Nebraska Medicine dermatology physicians for consultation and treatment.


Examples of skin concerns which are best suited to teledermatology:

  • Rashes
  • Acne
  • Checks of concerning lesions
  • Concerns over a specific body area
  • Consultation for skin care/cosmetic concerns
  • Follow-up with your dermatologist

Unfortunately, a full body skin screening for skin cancer or check of many lesions are best evaluated in-person by your dermatologist during a clinic visit.

  • Preparing for a teledermatology visit

    If you would like to move forward with scheduling a teledermatology visit, this is how you can prepare.

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  • How to take the best photos

    The higher quality your photos are increases the dermatologist’s ability to provide useful information for your concern. If the photos are poor-quality, the dermatologist may be limited in their ability to diagnose or offer treatment for your concerns.

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