Advanced diagnostic tools

Our team uses advanced pulmonary hypertension tools for diagnosis and follow up. 

Echocardiogram: An imaging test that uses ultrasound waves to evaluate the heart function and structure.

Pulmonary function test: A diagnostic test that helps to estimate lung function.

6-minute walk test: A test that estimates exercise ability and oxygen level with exercise. 

Perfusion lung scan: A nuclear medicine test that allows us to detect blood clots in the lung.

Lung CT scan: An imaging test of the lung and the blood vessels.

Sleep study: A test to evaluate for sleep breathing disorders that can affect patients with pulmonary hypertension.

Right heart catheterization: A procedure that is performed to evaluate the heart function and the pressures in the heart and lungs by advancing a small catheter through blood vessels to the heart and lung. During this procedure, we may perform exercise testing or vasodilator testing in selected cases to assess response to some treatments. 

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