[Video] COVID-19: preparing for the peak

Published April 16, 2020


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated masking guidelines since this was written. Get the latest information.


Links to specific questions:

0:54: When will the peak happen in Nebraska?

1:20: What does it mean when cases are “starting to level off?”

1:55: Why is social distancing so critical right now?

3:55: How do we correctly use gloves and masks?

6:40: Who is in the priority testing category?

7:40: What are the results of current testing? Are we testing antibodies?

9:31: Can I become immune?

10:30: What is herd immunity?

12:49: What other populations are at risk?

13:45: What advice do you have for people who need to leave their homes?

15:39: Are there any new developments in treating COVID-19?

17:09: Why are some patients treated while they are laying on their stomach instead of their backs?

18:43: Are there any updates on clinical trials?

20:10: What is the difference between rapid testing and the tests that take longer?

21:30: Why can’t we just isolate the ones most at risk?

22:37: Is there any risk from buying or consuming fresh produce or meats?

23:36: In regards to allergy season, what are the hallmark symptoms of COVID-19?

25:24: What’s it like for healthcare workers to see patients recover from COVID-19?

27:05: Closing Remarks