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Donation After Cardiac Death

Nebraska Medicine is one of only a handful of centers in the U.S. utilizing a process known as Donation after Cardiac Death, or DCD, to help find more hearts for patients needing a transplant. We currently have two routes for use of DCD hearts that have increased the number of organ offers to patients by 60% and the number of transplants by 20%, significantly reducing wait list time.

Hepatitis C Hearts

Since treatment of hepatitis C is very effective with minimal side effects, our team at Nebraska Medicines is able to utilize hearts from hepatitis C positive donors. This allows us to save more lives using organs that previously were discarded.

Multiple Organ Transplants

Nebraska Medicine is privileged to perform all types of solid organ transplants which allows us to provide patients with multiple organ transplants, including heart-kidney, heart-liver, and heart-lung.

Increased Risk Recipients

Our team often considers patients that have been turned down by other programs. This includes patients with advanced age, presence of antibodies, and/or complex anatomy.

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