Education resources for hospitalized children

Early Learning Program

The Early Learning Program is an optional service offered to patients from birth through school age at Nebraska Medicine. The goals are to support you and your child through individual developmentally appropriate play sessions during hospitalization and to act as a resource. Play and learning activities can contribute to your child having a positive hospital experience.

Services the developmental specialist may provide:

  • Obtain information about what your son/daughter likes to do and share what you have observed about your child
  • Observe and play with your child to assess strengths and areas of need
  • Teach your child through activities that are fun and educational
  • Provide information about how your child learns and ways you can encourage learning through play and family routines
  • Communicate and discuss developmental milestones and accomplishments
  • Share information with the medical team about what your child is learning
  • Locate early learning intervention services in your home community if desired

Ardi Bailey

Developmental Specialist
402.559.6354 (office)

School Age Program

Our School Intervention Program offers patients educational services to help them continue learning while having to get treated for medical issues. We want to help you keep life as normal as possible and help your son or daughter remain up-to-date with homework.

Services include:

  • Direct instruction for K-12 students
  • Collaboration with home-school district personnel (teachers, administrators, counselors)
  • Adaptation of assignments to fit medical conditions
  • Facilitation of patient/classmate communications (letters, phone calls, e-mails, skype)
  • Sharing academic progress made during hospitalization with school personnel
  • Updating patient's medical chart and working with medical team to communicate academic progress
  • Referrals to local school districts
  • Assistance with school reentry
  • Opportunities to practice normal social interactions
  • Education for Siblings
  • If requested, contact information will be provided to enroll siblings in local schools.

Lisa Gulseth

Educational Consultant

402.559.5020 (office)