The Chronic Pain Management Program

Nebraska Medicine's Pain Management Program

The Chronic Pain Management Program at Nebraska Medicine is a specialized four-week program that teaches healthy management and coping with chronic pain. If medications, injections, physical therapy and chiropractic services have failed in managing your pain, you may be a candidate for the Chronic Pain Management Program.

To participate in the Chronic Pain Management Program, a patient must meet the following criteria:

  • Pain is of a chronic, stable, non-malignant nature
  • Other medical and psychiatric treatments are not considered more appropriate
  • Desired participation in the program
  • Involvement of a family member or significant other for a one-time meeting
  • Financial arrangements have been completed
  • Before treatment can begin at the Chronic Pain Management Program, you will participate in a screening evaluation. A nursing, psychology or physical therapy staff member will interview you and request the completion of questionnaires that are related to your pain experience and medical history. Screening interviews and the completion of questionnaires can take three to four hours

Please bring the following to your screening evaluation:

  • All medical records, including any X-rays or scans that your doctor may have not yet shared with the Chronic Pain Management Program
  • A complete list of all the medications and dosages of the medications that have been prescribed for you
  • A written list of all the medical procedures you have had including surgeries, diagnostic and medical treatments, and alternative therapies