Heart Care Nearer to Home

We're Adding Locations, Doctors and Advanced Practice Providers

We have a wide range of doctors who focus on everything from preventing heart disease to repairing leaky heart valves. Whether your heart ailment is something that surfaced well into your adult life, or something you were born with, we have the expertise to diagnose and treat your condition. In 2017, we have brought on nine new doctors and several advanced practice providers, to extend our Heart and Vascular Network into new areas, and bring extraordinary heart and vascular care to you.

For example, we recently opened a comprehensive Heart and Vascular Center at Nebraska Medicine — Bellevue so residents of Bellevue, Plattsmouth and Glenwood, Iowa, and other nearby communities can all receive the very best heart care closer to home. This summer, Paul Biddle, MD, joined our team, and is regularly seeing patients in Denison, Iowa.

A New Prevention Program

We're also launching a brand new prevention program at Nebraska Medicine — Oakview, designed to help you keep your cholesterol levels in check with the ultimate goal of avoiding heart surgery as you grow older. If you're interested in learning about heart healthy behaviors like these, book an appointment with a heart prevention specialist now by calling 800.922.0000.

We're doing all this to make it easier for you to get in and see a doctor at a location and time that's most convenient for you, because we care about your heart and vascular health.

Meet All Our Providers Who Treat: